Running Out of Breath When Singing?

One common scenario for untrained singers is the struggle of running out of air when singing. Let's take a closer look at why this happens and what you can do about it.

If you find yourself running out of breath, it's probably is because your vocal folds are not fully coming together when you’re making sound. This usually results in a breathier sound. Sometimes we use breathy phonation for style reasons. But if that is your default, you might need to work on getting the right coordination at your vocal folds first and resist the air so that it doesn't 'leak' through and cause you to feel breathless.

What to do about it:

Practicing scales with vowels and especially consonants will help you to regulate the air flow. Check out some of my YouTube videos with vocal workouts for singers who tend to sing breathy. Using a combination of unfinished and finished sounds in your technical development can help you to achieve the right resistance and move towards 'flow' phonation (vs pressed or breathy).

Another thing you want to remember is that you need energy behind your instrument in order for your vocal folds to come to gather. Asses your volume to see how loud you’re singing. If you’re always backing off, you’re probably going to be running out of air. Check out my YouTube video below on this.

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