The Voice Straw

The Voice Straw is a vocal training tool for singers, actors, and speakers.  It helps relieve tension, strain, breathiness, cracking and flipping in the voice.  Scientifically shown to improve singing technique.  A must have tool for anyone looking for vocal success!

Designed by my colleague voice coach and mentor Mindy Pack.

I am super excited to be a Voice Straw affiliate.  Click here to order your very own Voice Straw kit and receive 10% off.

3 Essentials in a Preperformance Routine


Mini Vocal Workout for Breathy Singers (high voice)


The Truth About Singing


Start your day off on the right note with a quick, 3-minute voice workout!

This morning workout, one for high voices and one for low voices, will get your voice into its optimal place for both singing and speaking. It stretches up to your full range and targets your speaking voice area leaving you feeling more resonant and ready for the day. 


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First-Time Client Session

Sharpen Your Skills

Your session will include a comprehensive vocal assessment, introduction to vocal technique and customized training best suited for your voice. Lesson recording included.

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