6 Non-Negotiables for Singers

When it comes to vocal wellness, it is unquestionable that every lifestyle decision we make impacts our singing.  Here are 6 non-negotiables to consider, and yeah, I know, no one is perfect, but becoming aware of these factors can be huge for your singing progress!

SLEEP HYGIENE:   Sleep is so important for your voice.  If you aren’t sleeping well your voice isn’t going to function adequately because when the body is tired the voice is tired. If you’re having trouble sleeping reach out to a medical health professional to get the root cause of your sleeplessness. One tip:  sleep experts suggest shutting off electronics 1 hour before bedtime. So stop scrolling and sleep. (hard to do!). Try meditation or light stretching before bed. Tell yourself this is for the health of your body, but also your instrument.  Your voice needs your body to rest adequately every single night in order to recover.

VOICE HYGIENE: Voice Hygiene includes overall care for your voice, including HYDRATION, and staying away from anything toxic.  Your voice is going to function way better when you prioritize voice care.  Consulting with a Laryngologist or Voice Therapist on the condition of your vocal folds can really help you get a sense of what steps you need to take.  Consider how your use your speaking voice throughout the week, and how much talking you do.  Are you taking breaks in between meetings.  Throw is some ‘straw work’ here and there to ‘reset’ your voice if you have a heavy vocal load of speaking.

LESSONS and TRAINING:  At some point if you haven’t already, you gotta check-in with a voice teacher.  Regular lessons can help you stay in track vocally and help you move away from habits that don’t serve you and move you towards better muscle memory.  Also, if you have a break in your voice or you can’t reach those high notes, training with a teacher is going to help.  If you aren’t able to do lessons at this time, find some vocal workouts online.  (check out my free vocal workouts!)

CONSISTENT PRACTICE:  Stay consistent with your practice because even though it may seem like you’re not getting anywhere, trust me hang in there you will start to see results.  Notes that were once difficult or unattainable are now at your fingertips!

OPTIMISTIC MINDSET:  Mindset matters!  Stay optimistic, look at how far you’ve come!  Reach out for support if you’re finding it hard to cultivate a sense of optimism.

PATIENCE: I know it’s not easy, but be patient with yourself, progress doesn’t usually happen over night.

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