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Tools for a powerful, expressive voice.

Train with sustainable technique and advance your skills so that you can achieve your vocal goals.

1:1 Training

Looking for private singing lessons? I continue to provide customized 1:1 training & coaching for singers and voice performers of all styles and levels.

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Onsite Services

I am an industry voice coach and I provide onsite voice and singing prep/support for entertainers & performers.  

Recording Studios
On Set - Film and TV
Concert Venues


Monthly Subscription

ongoing 1:1 Training
This subscription allows you to become a regular client. It includes 2- private online coaching sessions per month. Recording of your training program provided. Unlimited email support and coaching feedback.

Great for: All levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Clients wanting ongoing training and those preparing for auditions, or live performances. Recreational hobby singers, semi-professionals and professionals.

subscription Fee: $330
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Next Level Training

1:1 Coaching & Courses

Customized coaching based on your goals.

Vocal Assessment
I will ask you a few questions to get an idea of what you are looking to achieve vocally and assess your voice by having you sing a scale. Then we can decide which direction to take for training.


Warm-Up + Development

Warm-up your voice. Then get assigned customized development tools that are best suited for your voice.



Then we'll apply technical tools to help you sing your songs with sustainability.


Performance Ready

Polish your songs through coaching and practice so they are performance ready.
  • Smooth out vocal breaks
  • Hit high notes with power and ease
  • Develop your mix
  • Applying vocal technique to songs
  • Warming up effectively
  • Stylizing in different genres
  • Voice care guidance
  • Set list consulting
  • Performance training
  • Tour and audition prep
  • Vocal confidence building
  • Injury risk prevention

How often should I take a voice lesson?‍

I have bi-weekly or monthly subscription training options. There is a minimum 3-month commitment for each program. How often you need a lesson will vary on your experience level, and your goals. On average, untrained singers will do best with once every two weeks for at least 3+ months. Once a student has had a good amount of training and experience, intermediate or advanced students can maybe taper off to once a month.

Will there be homework between lessons?

Each time you have a 1:1 training session, you will receive a recording of your lesson program and you are encouraged to practice that 3 x per week during the course of your training. For best results, it’s good to stay consistent with regular practice. 

What does a typical lesson look like?

Vocal Assessment: We will start by assessing your voice.  I will ask you a few questions to get an idea of what you are looking to achieve vocally and assess your voice by having you sing a scale. Then we can decide which direction to take for training.

Vocal Warm-Up + Development:  We will first warm-up your voice. Then we’ll proceed to tools that are designed to help with developing your vocal technique. You will get assigned customized development tools that are best suited for your voice and will help with your goals. 

Application:  Then we will focus on songs by applying technical tools to challenging song phrases and additional performance coaching

What are your rates?

The rates for 1:1 private training programs start at $180 CAD and up, depending on the training program you choose. To discuss 1:1 training get in touch through the contact form. I will reply within 2 days so please be sure to check your spam folder in case you don't see the email.

My comprehensive singing course Mix Evolution is $179 CAD.  This an excellent way to get started and I highly recommend enrolling if you're looking to advance your technical skill especially around developing your mix voice.  

What if I'm preparing for a specific performance?

It’s best to start training months in advance of a performance. This way you have time to make changes necessary to put your best foot forward.  I recommend starting lessons as soon as possible well in advance of any vocal performance goal, whether it’s a recording, an audition, a choral or solo performance or a tour. 

Where are the 1:1 lessons held?

Regular 1:1 lessons are held online via Zoom.  I also provide in-person lessons by request. (subject to studio availability and additional fees) The studio is located in Vancouver.

I do provide in-venue support for clients doing live concerts, on set coaching for film & tv and consulting during recording sessions.
what clients say

Alida has been a blessing to my musical journey.  She has helped me work hard towards my goals, including preparing for local and national singing performances and also to audition for the American Idol celebrity judges.  Her lessons have greatly improved my vocal ability.  I see her as a vocal mentor, and I am excited to continue my musical journey with her.

Eshan Sobti
First-Time Client Session

Sharpen Your Skills

Your session will include a comprehensive vocal assessment, introduction to vocal technique and customized training best suited for your voice. Lesson recording included.

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