Holistic Artistry with Wendy Parr

Wendy Parr, The Holistic Artist Coach + Founder of The Parr Method has spent more than 20 years in the entertainment industry empowering recording artists to develop their authentic voice with consistency across every platform.

The Parr Method has been the engine behind GRAMMY and ACADEMY award winning results. With over 20 years coaching top music artists like Melanie Martinez, Sara Bareilles, Marc Bassy AND taking A Great Big World from their very 1st vocal session to a GRAMMY. The Parr Method was also the driving force behind co-writing Dreams on Fire with AR Rahman for the soundtrack for Slum Dog Millionaire, which was nominated and won a GRAMMY

She is a world-renowned vocal coach, Grammy Award winning songwriter, vocal producer, speaker, and educator.

Under her guidance, artists are learning to follow their instincts, push through personal and creative limitations, and ultimately chart their own course to the next level of their careers.

This episode covers:

- Wendy's artistic journey from performer to holistic artist coach

- The key ingredients to a fulfilling and success career as an artist

- What blocks creators from showing their most authentic selves.

- Not fearing your audience, what is there to fear?

- Entertaining vs showing up as your vulnerable authentic self.

- The biggest obstacle artists face in today’s music industry.  Have things improved?

- How artists can balance vocal technique with their style. Why artists shouldn't fear technique. How your songwriting can improve with better technique.

-The realities of fame and the pressure of the music industry.

-Looking out for yourself as an artist, having boundaries.

IG: @wendyparr