Tools for Powerful, Expressive Singing

Functional voice training with lessons designed to advance your skills and help you achieve your goals.

  • Smooth out vocal breaks
  • Hit high notes with power and less strain
  • Balanced belting/ mix voice technique
  • Breath management and stamina
  • Vocal re-balancing
  • Build vocal agility, riffs, and runs
  • Vocal stylizing
  • Voice wellness strategies/injury risk prevention
  • Singing rehab exercises for singers with injury cleared to sing again
  • Song application technique
  • Set list consultation
  • Voice performance training
  • Tour prep and
  • Audition prep and consulting
  • Songwriting and arranging consulting
  • Performance presence coaching
  • Voice instructor mentoring

Training for every genre.

Customized coaching centered around you and your vocal needs. 

Vocal Assessment
I will ask you a few questions to get an idea of what you are looking to achieve vocally and assess your voice by having you sing a scale. Then we candecide which direction to take for training.


Warm-Up + Development

Perform vocal warm-ups that are best suited for your voice, including SOVT work. Then hone in on vocal skill development.



Then we'll apply technical tools to help you sing your songs with more power, clarity, and expressiveness.


Performance + Styling

Once you get to a certain level, the focus is then on performance - how to keep your balance as you head out on stage to perform, how to maintain your voice for a long tour, and other skills needed for performing.
All sessions conveniently held online or in-person by request

Take your voice to the next level.

1:1 Voice Lesson

This customized private coaching session includes:
-a vocal assessment
-technical training and skill building
-application of singing technique to songs
-voice care guidance
-professional guidance on vocal goals
-prep for performances or auditions
-support for recreational singers

Great for: New clients and returning clients.
All Sessions Are virtual or In-person by request
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Monthly Subscription

ongoing 1:1 coaching
Includes: Grow your vocal confidence and become a regular client with consistent customized training. Coaching and consulting on skill-building and functional training. A focus on vocal technique, development, application of techniques to songs, and performance training. Two live coaching sessions per month and recording with your program provided.

Great for: Clients wanting ongoing training and those preparing for auditions, or live performances. Professionals, semi-professionals and recreational hobbyclients.
All Sessions Are Virtual or in-person by request
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Self-study Option

online course
Jump start your skill or continue building your technique. Mix Evolution my brand new course is a fantastic way to build your instrument with the most functional tools right at your fingertips.

ONLINE via TEachable
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what clients say

Since working with Alida, I have become more connected with my chest voice, which has not only improved my singing but also has significantly clarified my craft in acting. She is an inspirational teacher, always encouraging me to broaden my musical avenues by supporting guitar and songwriting. Alida has safely helped shape my voice enabling me to create a tone that is unique to me.

Emily Bett Rickards
First-Time Client Session

Sharpen Your Skills

Your session will include a comprehensive vocal assessment, introduction to vocal technique and customized training best suited for your voice. Lesson recording included.

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