Building skills and bolstering confidence.

Functional Training & Coaching for Active Singers & Performers

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Sustainable Vocal
Performance Coaching
Vocal Health and Wellness Guidance
Focused Support

Strength. Stamina. Longevity.

Ready to transform your voice? I offer customize elite training that will provide you with the technical skills, confidence, and healthy habits needed for unforgettable performances. You’ll improve your range, eliminate breaks, increase stamina, and develop sustainability and longevity in your voice.
Vocal Technique Advancement
Artistic Development Consulting
Vocal Performance Prep Coaching
Audition Coaching and Support

Compassionate, Professional Support

As a vocal technician, teacher, coach and consultant, I have worked with singers and professional voice users from all styles and all levels for over 13 years. My experience in the music and recording industry, collaboration with the world’s top voice instructors, and my extensive formal education give me the tools to equip my clients with specialized instruction and support as they move forward in their vocal goals.
Alida's Clients have performed on:

 Netflix / CW Network
Sirius XM Radio / American Idol / Lollapalooza /
Vancouver International Jazz Festival/
Vogue Theatre / Commodore Theatre /
20th Century Studios, Inc.

what clients say

Alida has helped me become a stronger vocalist and has assisted me through some mental blocks around my voice. Thank you for helping me see my own greatness!

Renée Taylor
First-Time Client Session

Sharpen Your Skills

Your first session will include a comprehensive vocal assessment and introduction to vocal technique. Lesson recording included.

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